Power MP3 WMA Recorder

Power MP3 WMA Recorder

Power MP3 WMA Recorder helps in recording very high quality media
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With the growing use of streaming media, speed and quality are the main measuring issues; hence the power MP3 WMA Recorder helps in recording very high quality media. These recordings are made directly from the sound card. It also helps recording of the mentioned streaming audios directly to the required format without creating temporary files. The audio is recorded and saved to the disk directly. This makes the whole process faster and yet preserves the quality.
The use of newer encoders like advanced LAME and OGG improves the quality. The Power MP3 WMA Recorder provides all the features and options of recording to make it a complete studio. It records directly from a microphone or from Internet using streaming media. It can also trap audios played in an audio player on the users system like winamp, media player, etc. it also includes music from other external sources like a walkman or iPod , DVD etc.
It provides one of the important features of recording according to a schedule. The user can set a schedule of recording on a particular day and time when the recording can start automatically. It is generally used for recording using a radio. It works on Windows 2000/2003/ME/NT/XP. It provides lifetime technical support and updates periodically. Also the editing of the ID3 tag for the information about the audio is provided.

Manoj Goel
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  • Quality of recording is very good.
  • Timed recording according to the schedule.
  • Recording directly from streaming media.
  • Faster process


  • Requires sound card.
  • Clunky interface
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